Holiday 2014

Merry Christmas from Idaho!                                                                                            December 2014

One of our favorite things about this time of year is getting in touch with family and friends and hearing about what is going on in their lives. Here is a summary of what the Archibalds have been up to during 2014:

Patrick: He was forced to make a tough choice this fall and didn't play soccer so that he could participate in marching band. He really loved it and made some good friends. His latest challenge is learning to play a new instrument, the french horn. He's looking forward to driver's ed this year.

Maren: Junior High is proving to be more fun than she expected. She has learned a lot of songs on the piano and changed her sewing class so she could stay in choir. She has a new look for the new year, as she just got braces last week.

Henry: Does not like to practice, but is a talented piano player. He loves soccer, basketball, and is ready for the ski season to start. He has caught the reading bug and often has to be yanked away from a book to do his other homework.

Lucas: He has had a good time playing soccer and basketball. He hit his high point (and was very excited) at his last game this week with three baskets in one game. Lucas is a great little student and has adjusted well to being in class all day.

Conrad: Mom is lucky to have him still at home. He's a good little helper and keeps us all laughing. He loves his preschool class, and playing with friends.

Mom & Dad: We are doing our best to keep up. We feel very blessed to have healthy, active kids that (for the most part) still enjoy doing things with us. Unfortunately, the year is ending on a low as we mourn the passing of Greg's mom this month. We are truly thankful for the many kindnesses shown us, and for friends and family that have grieved with us. The truths of the gospel have sustained us and we welcome the occasion to celebrate the Savior's birth. Merry Christmas to all!

Here are some shots from the year:    2014 photos

With love,

Greg, Hailey, Patrick, Maren, Henry, Lucas, & Conrad

4060 Shadow Mountain Trail
Idaho Falls, ID 83404