Holiday 2013

Merry Christmas from Idaho!                                                                                            December 2013

Just like that, it's Christmastime again.  2013 was a fun, busy year.  Seems like we spent quite a bit of time at soccer games (32 games in 6ish weeks this fall), but it's fun to watch the kids improve.  It's tricky to find a balance, but we have fun together.  Here's a quick update:

Patrick just finished up his first trimester of 8th grade. He enjoys playing trumpet in the band and is on the yearbook staff this year.  He is progressing nicely on the piano, although he would prefer to spend his spare time playing soccer or scouting.

Maren made her stage debut this year in a community production of "The Music Man" as Gracie Shinn, the mayor's daughter.  She also participated with Missoula Children's Theatre in "Rapunzel".  She's looking forward to new adventures in the Young Women's program at church when she turns 12 in January.

Henry is a busy second grader. He likes school and building new contraptions out of his Legos. We were proud of him for mustering the courage to sing with 3 others in sacrament meeting recently. He has enjoyed playing basketball this season and still loves soccer. He's a good example of practice for the rest of us...he is willing to really work at a skill to improve.

Lucas started kindergarten this fall and is really having fun at school.  He has a bunch of friends his age in the neighborhood, and rarely lacks a playmate. He says one of his favorite things to do is color, even though he's more likely to be in his room building with Legos. He's a tough little hiker and surprised us with his stamina this past summer.

Conrad keeps us laughing with his silliness. He's quite a talker if he finds someone who will listen. He was a great hiker this summer, too, and has been insisting that we can go camping in the the winter since fires are hot. He is very good at puzzles, often surprising us by how fast he can put one together on his own.

We had a fun spring break in Park City this year.  The kids were thrilled to stay in a condominium.  (With a ladder to the loft!)  It's funny how we worry and plan, and then the kids pick up on something that we hadn't even thought of.

We think of all of you much more often than we get to talk to you.  Facebook has turned the year into a constant status update, which we aren't very good at.  All the best for a Merry Christmas and a great 2014.

Here are some shots from the year:    2013 photos

With love,
2013 photos

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