Holiday 2012

Merry Christmas from Idaho!                                                                                            December 2012

It is hard to believe that the year is already coming to an end.  It has been a good year at our house, and we hope this letter finds you well at yours.

We didn't venture far from home this year, but we live in a beautiful area and we have enjoyed some of the hidden treasures right in our backyard.  We spent a fun day in the Jenny Lake area of Teton National Park.  Even though there was smoke from fires around the state, it was still beautiful and the kids loved the boat ride.  It is actually getting harder and harder to take time off as a family because everyone has plenty going on.  Here are a few more details:

Patrick started at the middle school this year as a 7th grader and is enjoying it so far.  He decided to join the band and has been learning the trumpet.  He still enjoys playing soccer in the spring and fall and is waiting for some snow so he can go snowboarding...after he shovels so he can earn money for his lift ticket.  He is enjoying his Deacon's quorum and recently starting sporting a spikier hairdo.

Maren stays busy in a variety of activities including piano lessons, ward choir, activity days, student service corps, and soccer.  Oh yeah, and she goes to 5th grade everyday.  She loves her many friends, books, and doing the dishes for her mom. (OK- that last one is a stretch)  A responsible babysitter, we have left her often with her little brothers, and others in the neighborhood are starting to call her as well.

Henry doesn't enjoy his daily homework now that he's in 1st grade, but it isn't hard for him and he gets it done quickly so he can move on to something more fun.  He's a good little reader, but would prefer playing soccer, building Legos, or doing an art project.  After persistent effort, he learned how to whistle and does it often.  Mom's campaign to "whistle while you WORK!" hasn't caught on so far...

Lucas could be summed up with the phrase, "Life is good!"  He's a sweet little 4-year old and enjoys coloring, playing with friends, building Lego ships, and trying new computer games.  He is pretty good at transitioning from little brother to big brother, depending on who's home.  He learned to ride a 2-wheel bike this last spring, and buzzed around the neighborhood all summer long.

Conrad is a busy 2-year-old.  He carries a tune surprisingly well, and sings quite a bit. We saw a few raised eyebrows as he belted out the tune of Pomp & Circumstance at the kindergarten and 6th grade graduation festivities.  He's quite the talker and seems to learn more phrases daily.  One of the highlights of his year was riding in the backhoe when we were working on yard projects.

Hailey enjoys being at home with the little ones, and wishes they would all stop growing up so quickly.  She still enjoys running, and participated in a few races this year.  She was also recently released after 7 years as the ward organist, and is adjusting to sitting with the kids for the entire Sacrament meeting!  She enjoyed hiking the highest peak in Idaho, Mt. Borah, with Patrick and Greg.

Greg has had a busy year at work, keeping up with the demands that came with the ownership change at the end of last year.  He also was called as a stake financial clerk, so he pretty much does some type of accounting at least 6 days a week.  Good thing he has such a talent for it.  He kept busy this summer building a fence, and organizing the patio project in our backyard.  He keeps us all going!

We thank you all for your prayers and concern on behalf of Greg's mom.  She is doing well, still responding positively to the monthly chemotherapy.  We appreciate her example of optimism and perseverance. 

We appreciate all of our family and friends so much.  Life gets so busy, but we think of you often and hope life is treating you well.  Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.  May the love and peace of Christmas fill your home throughout the coming year!

With love,

Greg, Hailey, Patrick, Maren, Henry, Lucas, & Conrad

4060 Shadow Mountain Trail
Idaho Falls, ID 83404

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